Moss Lane Windle

Tuesday 23rd August 124 Barnacle Goose best viewed from the East Lancs Road as they feed in stubble south of the rugby club and south of the East Lancs Road. Along Moss Lane itself 1 Yellow Wagtail and 1 Meadow Pipit.
3 Swift moving west over cornfileds at Moss Bank.
Derk Evans

Moss Lane, Windle

Thursday 18th August 0610-0810:  2 Yellow Wagtail; 2 Wheatear; 1 Whinchat; 1 Stonechat.
Derek Evans

Eccleston Mere key

I don't suppose anyone has a spare key for Eccleston Mere? I have tried to get one for years but always just hit a brick wall. I know it's a long shot but I'd be happy to pay someone for one.
Many thanks Damian

Moss Lane, Windle

Saturday 13th August 110 Canada Goose fed in stubble; covey of 4 Grey Partridge; flock of 50 Goldfinch.
Derek Evans


Kingfisher spotted at the Basin , Blackbrook canal late last night 12/8/16.

Carr Mill Dam area

Wednesday 10th August At Carr Mill Dam 10 Common Tern and 2 Common Sandpiper. Along Arch Lane between the Dam and Garswood: 2 Raven over at 0715; loafing gulls comprised 1 Herring, 80 Lesser Black-backed, 61 Black-headed and 6 Common; flock 60 House Sparrow; 12 Tree Sparrow.
Derek Evans

Carr Mill Dam

Monday 8th August 40 Great Crested Grebe comprised 21 adult and 19 juvenile (in approximately 6 broods).
Derek Evans


Spotted three Mink at the Basin on Blackbrook canal this Morning, one adult,two young.

Moss Lane, Windle

Friday 5th August 1 Whinchat (the same bird as on 2nd) at 0700.
Derek Evans


Found growing at the bottom of mature Beech trees, anyone got ideas to what it is ?

Moss Lane, Windle

Tuesday 2nd August: 1 juvenile Whinchat at 0735. Also 30 Canada Goose, 44 Jackdaw, 150 Starling, 1 Linnet, 1 Meadow Pipit and 2 Stoat.
Derek Evans

Tufted duck

Tufted duck with young near Blackbrook, as always nice to see, three Mallard also in photo.
Two Mute swans and one Cygnet also on Canal.

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Red Admiral

Nice to see a few butterflies out and about on Havannah flash.
This one was seen this morning while out walking.

Moss Lane

Monday 25th July My first Common Gull (first summer plumage?) of the autumn.
Derek Evans.

Moss Lane

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July
Over two morning visits: 2 Buzzard, 1 Oystercatcher, 4 Lapwing, 100+ Woodpigeon on stubble, 40 Swallow, 22 Pied Wagtail in the sheep field, 100 Starling, 20 Tree Sparrow.
Derek Evans

Little grebe

Regarding the little grebe on Lyme and wood country park, Paul, this is the first time that I have seen them,also five young in total with the mother. Interesting to know if anyone else has seen little grebes in this area as the ponds are still a little bare of vegetation etc.

Lyme and wood country park

Think this is a little Grebe,look very closely and you may be able to spot the young one on her back.


Picture of Larval skin,cast skin of a Dragonfly. (old skin after moulting).

Carr Mill Dam

Thursday 14th July 1 Sedge Warbler in bulrushes at the Goyt inlet at 0635.
Derek Evans

This week

Monday 4th July  At Moss Lane: 3 Oystercatcher; 2 Lapwing chicks with 5 adults.
Tuesday 5th July  At Carr Mill Dam: 2 eclipse drake Tufted Duck plus a female with one tiny duckling; 1 Common Sandpiper.
Wednesday 6th July  At Hard Lane playing fields: my first juvenile Black-headed Gull of the autumn. At St Helens Crematorium: confirmed breeding of Coal Tit with at least one recently fledged juvenile in a flock of 5.
Derek Evans