Carr Mill Dam

1 Green Sandpiper (as on Monday) also fed in flooded field north of Dig Pits at 0805-0830; 1 Peregrine on Feral Pigeon kill in stubble near Otter's Swift at 0840.
Derek Evans

Hedgehog video, my garden

I set up a wildlife camera in my garden to try and catch the hedgehog that has been visiting the garden recently. I've got an upturned plastic storage box with a cd sized hole cut in the side of it to prevent cats getting at the food. I tried cat food for the first few night, but there was no interest in that so I switched to sunflower hearts and immediately got a result on the very first night...


Hopefully this one will be fat enough to get through the winter!

Damian P

Carr Milll Dam

1 Green Sandpiper watched feeding on mud at Nineteen Arches from 0755-0825 before it was flushed by dog walkers and flew high to the south.
Derek Evans

Hedgehog in our garden

Hedgehog eating a pear in our garden. Considerably more healthy than the ones ive seen run over in Crank Rd these last couple of weeks!

Havannah flash

Three Buzzards and twenty Swallows seen at 7-30am,farmers fields around Havannah flash.

St Helens town centre

This morning at 0845 a Peregrine perched atop brick industrial chimney south of World of Glass (and viewed from there). This is the same location as on 6th May.

Derek Evans

Burgy Banks South

1 Willow Tit. I've never seen this species here before.
Derek Evans


4 pm Thursday Sept. 8th.

65 lapwings on recently ploughed land alongside Penny Lane, Collins Green near Burtonwood. Haven't seen a flock of lapwings on this field (only isolated individuals) or in the immediate neighbourhood for many years.

Graham Mercer 


Six swallows' spotted tonight flying South over Haydock 19-45.

Rainford area

Mossborough Circle/Roundabout: 150 Lapwing on plough; Dairy Farm Road: 4 Snipe in flight; Moss Nook Lane: 2 Wheatear.
Derek Evans

Moss Lane, Windle

118 Barnacle Goose, 30 Pied Wagtail, 1 Wheatear, 1 Whinchat, 1 Stonechat, 1 Rook.
Derek Evans

Moss Lane Windle

Tuesday 23rd August 124 Barnacle Goose best viewed from the East Lancs Road as they feed in stubble south of the rugby club and south of the East Lancs Road. Along Moss Lane itself 1 Yellow Wagtail and 1 Meadow Pipit.
3 Swift moving west over cornfileds at Moss Bank.
Derk Evans

Moss Lane, Windle

Thursday 18th August 0610-0810:  2 Yellow Wagtail; 2 Wheatear; 1 Whinchat; 1 Stonechat.
Derek Evans

Eccleston Mere key

I don't suppose anyone has a spare key for Eccleston Mere? I have tried to get one for years but always just hit a brick wall. I know it's a long shot but I'd be happy to pay someone for one.
Many thanks Damian

Moss Lane, Windle

Saturday 13th August 110 Canada Goose fed in stubble; covey of 4 Grey Partridge; flock of 50 Goldfinch.
Derek Evans


Kingfisher spotted at the Basin , Blackbrook canal late last night 12/8/16.

Carr Mill Dam area

Wednesday 10th August At Carr Mill Dam 10 Common Tern and 2 Common Sandpiper. Along Arch Lane between the Dam and Garswood: 2 Raven over at 0715; loafing gulls comprised 1 Herring, 80 Lesser Black-backed, 61 Black-headed and 6 Common; flock 60 House Sparrow; 12 Tree Sparrow.
Derek Evans